The first online marketplace for equity in private companies

Augment is an anonymous deal engine that allows shareholders, investors, and brokers to seamlessly connect and manage private market trades.

Built by Silicon Valley engineers and leaders in the secondary market

The private markets have been stuck in the 90’s.

Our team of experts has built an open and transparent platform for the 2020’s.


your portfolio
in one dashboard


all your


shares to a global network
of buyers & sellers


deal progress

The Future is Private.

years to IPO

up from a median of
5 years in 2000

global unicorns

up from 39 in 2013

global unicorn valuation

current secondary volume of
$80B represents 2%

Join the network.


Get cash from the sweat and
long nights put into your startup.


Access supply directly in a few clicks
without anyone getting in the way.


Manage your orders and deals
under a single pane of glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augment?
Augment is an anonymous communications and deal platform that connects buyers and sellers of private technology shares.
Who is Augment built for?

Augment is built for accredited private shareholders of VC backed companies, accredited investors, and private market brokers.

Why use Augment?

Augment simplifies and centralizes the secondary transaction process. The platform allows users to view an order book within a company’s marketplace, find counterparties for deals, communicate, and strike a deal… all anonymously. Augment is built by Silicon Valley engineers and secondary market experts.

I’m a startup employee. Can I get liquidity for my shares?

Liquidity will depend on your company’s policy on share transfers, found in your shareholder agreement. Some companies are restrictive and prevent transferring of shares, while many others allow for transfers and typically include a 30-day window for Right of First Refusal (ROFR).